(54bd) Particle Technology Course at the University of Salerno

Poletto, M. - Presenter, University of Salerno
Barletta, D., University of Salerno
The Course of Particle technology at the University of Salerno is a 6 EC, that is a 60 hours course including lectures, as well as classroom and laboratory practical. The course dedicated to Master student in Chemical Engineering. It a compulsory course within the “innovative process and nanotechnologies curriculum” can be optioned by any mechanical or chemical engineering student at the master level.

The course includes basic particle size and shape characterization concepts, fundamentals on interparticle forces, fundamentals of powder mechanics and silo discharge, fundamentals on-fluid particle interactions and fluidization.

The main learning outcome is the ability of the student to understand the phenomena occurring in processes involving particulate solids and to carry out basic design operation on storage and fluidized bed units.