Challenges in Designing Sustainable Processes | AIChE

Challenges in Designing Sustainable Processes


Couling, D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Wolff, S. H., DuPont
Skoulidas, A., ExxonMobil

Traditional process development often goes hand-in-hand with sustainability. The drive to increase yield and efficiency can result in reduced emissions, increased energy integration, and lower waste; all of which positively contribute to the sustainability goal of reducing the process' impact on society and the environment. However, consumers' ever-increasing recognition of the need to protect our planet's finite resources pushes sustainable design from being a potential side benefit to a priority during process development. What are the criteria for sustainable processes? How do engineers measure whether a process meets society's new sustainability standards while also ensuring processes are profitable? The speakers in this session will address how these questions are being answered in their industry and what questions continue to persist.



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