(180b) Modeling and Metrics Development for Biomass Pyrolysis Intensification Via Autothermal Operation

Caudle, B., Savannah River Consulting
Shukre, R., Texas Tech University
Gorensek, M. B., Savannah River National Laboratory
Chen, C. C., Texas Tech University
The RAPID Center for Process Modeling (CPM) is developing modeling methodology for novel and unconventional processes not covered in commercial process simulators, to facilitate and execute consistent and objective evaluation of performance metrics for RAPID projects. One such process is intensified autothermal pyrolysis of cellulosic biomass. The CPM has identified gaps in the available commercial simulators and developed properties and process models that can be used to model baseline and intensified operations. In this case, the baseline is the current best practice, e.g., entrained-flow noncatalytic fast pyrolysis, while the intensified process is autothermal noncatalytic fast pyrolysis. This presentation includes descriptions of the baseline and intensified process models, the approaches used to model reactive intermediates for which property data are not available, and performance metrics derived from predicted process behavior.