(68c) Optimization for Flare Operation | AIChE

(68c) Optimization for Flare Operation


Wang, A. - Presenter, Lamar University
Lou, H., Lamar University
Chen, D., Lamar University
Li, X., Lamar University
Martin, C., Lamar University
Alphones, A., Lamar University
Damodara, V., Lamar University

Flare operation is a challenging task since the flowrate, net heating value, composition of the vent gas and weather conditions vary significantly. The industry is in urgent need of a viable approach to achieve smokeless flaring that can meet the combustion/destruction efficiency standard set by the agencies, while minimize stream and makeup fuel consumption.

In this work, a novel optimization approach was developed based on flare performance models. The controlled variables include flowrate of steam/air assist and flowrate of make-up fuel. For a flaring vent with a specific combustion zone net heating value and particular composition, the most economic solution to achieve smokeless flaring and high combustion/destruction efficiency objective can be identified.