(47b) Modelling and Optimization of Environment-Friendly Process at Oil Offshore Platform | AIChE

(47b) Modelling and Optimization of Environment-Friendly Process at Oil Offshore Platform


Cho, Y. - Presenter, Inha University
Kwon, S., Inha University
Kim, J., Inha University
Hwang, S., Inha University
Offshore platform has often produced negative impact on environment by emitting harmful components such as oil droplet, acid gas, toxic materials, etc. For the reason, this study proposes more environment friendly offshore topside process than conventional one, satisfying international environmental standards, minimizing consumption of the utilities, and consequently maximizing an overall profit. For this, we initially developed a mathematical model of topside process that includes three phase separators, gas compressing system, recycle scheme and produced water treatment system. Then, we considered hybrid process configuration including acid gas removal unit and water treatment system by considering its environmental impact. Thirdly, operating condition (e.g. gas to oil ratio, operating pressure, temperature, etc.) was optimized by using stochastic optimization algorithm. Lastly, we conducted economic feasibility study for the design of profitable and eco-friendly offshore platform.


This work was supported by a research project of “Development of Integrated Interactive Model for Subsea and Topside System to Evaluate the Process Design of Offshore Platform”, funded by Ministry of Trade (project No. 10060099).


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