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(19b) Big Data Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Big Intelligence


Bearrow, M. - Presenter, Rolls-Royce CDS
Big data is the IT phrase of the moment in almost every industry. The concept of collecting huge amounts of data to learn, manage and drive your business forwards is attractive to all managers, especially as without it you may feel that you’re being left behind. But without knowing how to collect data effectively, knowing what data has value, and how to effectively and efficiently use the volume of information, Big Data can be a hindrance, not a help. In Process Safety, we rely on data coming from the field in many instances. Collecting this data can be time consuming and costly, so making the most of the data you have is paramount, as is ensuring the data you collect is seen as a valuable asset by everyone in your organisation. But turning that data into intelligence to guide you on your path to Process Excellence is what it’s really all about. Data is as valuable an asset as any other. Look after it. Nutrue it. Value it. And make sure you use it. In this paper we examine the core principles of making PSM data work for you to give you the best usable, actionable intelligence possible.