CCSI – Accelerating Carbon Capture through Modeling

Lee, A., National Energy Technology Laboratory
Miller, D. C., National Energy Technology Laboratory
Kress, J. D., Los Alamos National Laboratory
Mebane, D. S., National Energy Technology Laboratory
Storlie, C. B., Los Alamos National Laboratory
Bhattacharyya, D., West Virginia University
Eslick, J. C., Carnegie Mellon University
Tong, C., Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Agarwal, D., Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
The Carbon Capture Simulation Initiative (CCSI) was established by the U.S. Department of Energy in 2011 as a five year project with the goal of accelerating the adoption of carbon capture technologies by the power industry. Involving a collaboration between national laboratories, universities and industry, CCSI developed a modeling toolset designed to assist industry in developing new carbon technologies and scaling up to commercial application faster. The toolset allows users to model their system at all scales of the development process, from laboratory and bench scale through to full scale commercial deployment. Another key aspect of the toolset is the incorporation of uncertainty quantification at all scales, allowing users to understand and develop strategies to minimize the uncertainty in their designs at all stages of development. Commercialization of the CCSI toolset is currently underway, and a number of large scale demonstrations of the toolset are underway in collaboration with industry partners.