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(93a) We Learn and Share but We Don't Get Better! Time for Huaa

Any organisation can improve by leveraging its knowledge and lessons learned.  These learnings or knowledge can be external or, in a global enterprise, hidden within your own company where lessons learned are difficult to share beyond their initial impact.  There is so much data, information and knowledge (opportunities) coming at your company that can make you stronger or make you look like your not paying attention.  Not paying attention or managing the available knowledge poorly, can sink your ship… nobody wants that!

When lessons are learned at a local level, large companies struggle to spread learnings across the organization.  Even when they share in a passive manner, organizational value is not always realized.  When sharing is not enough to ensure we don't repeat missteps organizationally, you need a process like HUAA (Heard, Understood, Acknowledged and Actioned).  Holding sr. managers accountable is the only way to ensure that painful learnings are leveraged for improved process safety performance.