(142c) Boosting Returns through Advanced Hydrogen Solutions in Refineries | AIChE

(142c) Boosting Returns through Advanced Hydrogen Solutions in Refineries

Modern high complexity refining landscape involves increasing proportion of ‘opportunity crudes’ processing and widened bottom-of-the-barrel strategies, which together with ever stringent ‘clean fuels’ requirements has led to extensive need for hydrogen and its optimization in the refinery. This in turn has provided growing impetus for establishing innovative ways of hydrogen management and optimizing the refinery hydrogen network as well as smart solutions for effective utilization of various refinery off-gases. 

Present day needs call for advanced hydrogen management techniques and creative solutions along with know-how and engineering expertise for optimized hydrogen balance and recovery as well as  refinery off gas integration for meeting the needs of overall refinery economics, efficiency and environment.

Technip, as a leading supplier of hydrogen generation facilities along with its world class EPC capabilities, has developed Hydrogen Network Design Tool (HyNDTTM) as an advanced hydrogen management program which will be described. The paper will also cover advanced Refinery Off gas integrated utilization schemes and the extensive experience in implementing them for improving overall H2 availability and cost-effectiveness while minimizing its loss as a fuel.