(107d) Tools to Maximize Residuum Conversion | AIChE

(107d) Tools to Maximize Residuum Conversion


Warnock, S. - Presenter, Southwest Research Institute
Flores, E. III, Southwest Research Institute

As conventional crude oil reserves dwindle and global demand for oil rises, more companies are focusing on developing processes to refine unconventional oils such as bitumen, shale, and biofuels into conventional refinery feedstocks.  Unconventional oils, such as heavy oil and shale, have higher amounts of residuum when compared to conventional crude oils.  As conventional oils continue to be consumed at ever increasing rates, unconventional oils will take a higher market share in the future.  We have evaluated many processes to maximize liquid yields from residuum.  In order to further advance the conversion of residuum to useful liquid products, new analytical tools are being developed to evaluate the properties of the heaviest fraction of oil that is being upgraded or processed to form lighter more desirable liquid products.  New analytical tools and how they can be applied to improve residuum conversion will be discussed with a brief status of the different residuum conversion technologies.