(120f) Simulation of Continuous Reactive Distillation of ETBE Production From Isobutene

Nakkash, N. B. - Presenter, Al-Nahrain University
Al-Janabi, N. K. - Presenter, Al-Nahrain University


      The present work concerned with simulating a continuous multicomponent reactive distillation (RD) using equilibrium model for the production of ethyl tert-butyl ether from isobutene and ethanol. A simulation model was performed for RD column with ETBE synthesis using MATLAB (R2009b) to solve MESHR equations.

      The developed simulation model was checked and compared with a previous work and RADFRAC model of ASPEN PLUS 10.2, the results gave a good agreement and with 10% error.

      Split feed condition was considered and the influence of various parameters on the performance and behavior of RD for ETBE production, such as reflux ratios in range of 2 to 8, mass of catalyst of 60 to 190 g, number of reaction stages of 3 and 4 have been studied.

       The best design conditions for operating RD distillation column to obtain high purity of ETBE 89.89% with 40.7% selectivity and 99.82% conversion was at reflux ratio 5, number of stages 10, and mass of catalyst 120g per stage using single feed.  When split feed is considered with ETBE fed at stage 2 and ETOH, IB and n-B at stage 6 and when ETBE and ETOH fed at stage 2, IB and n-B at stage 6 the best design conditions was at reflux ratio 5, number of stages 10, mass of catalyst 90g per stage and three reactive stages.



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