(93b) A New Automated Management Tool for Faster and Educated Decision Making

Zeidler, G. - Presenter, University of California

Management Tools System (MTS) is a known system that is generally used by multi-unit entities to compare data from the number of units, or by entities which need to response to many different parameters prior to their decision making. Unfortunately, all the currently existing management tools systems are performed manually; they are laborious, costly and slow to react. Effort was made in the past to develop more semi-automated systems. However, they mostly failed to operate under industrial or commercial conditions, mostly for being crushed by the data load. The new system is in the form of software which is connected to On-Line processing, preventive maintenance or food safety (HACCP) monitoring systems which were also developed by us. This system is able to integrate the monitoring of an endless number of units regardless of distance or location. It controls the whole operation by using one software. The data that is monitored by the system is collected by sensors, time monitoring devices and counting units. Related financial, economical, Government regulation, legal, etc can be retrieved from other computers data sources. The MTS will bring all the necessary data into one screen in a form that enables fast and educated management decisions related to the specific situation. Few entities have already started to use the new system where several mega-companies are testing it on a large scale.