(121a) Improving Refinery Asset Utilization -through Low Cost Tower Internal Modifications | AIChE

(121a) Improving Refinery Asset Utilization -through Low Cost Tower Internal Modifications


Remesat, D. R. - Presenter, Koch-Glitsch Canada LP

Presentation shares six case studies where operators can obtain high returns through tower internals modifications to improve product recovery, improve reliability and/or increase unit capacity. All of the case studies are examples of stand-alone plant-level managed projects that provide a payback of less than 6 months.

During tough economic times, operators are challenged with increasing margins with as little capital expenditure as possible. There are opportunities that operators can pursue to improve product recovery, increase capacity and/or improve reliability (e.g. increase run length that are within operators' existing plant capital budgets). These projects do not require large engineering support yet require engaged content experts with appropriate specific experience. Many of the low-cost/high return opportunities are uncovered during normal maintenance planning where justification is based on incremental cost to upgrade tower internals versus cost to simply replace the internals in-kind. As a result, most tower internal revamps can be justified as standalone projects (< 6 months pay back) at the plant level.

The six case studies to be discussed are:

Case Study 1 ? HDS fractionator Case Study 2 ? C3/C4 Splitter Case Study 3 ? FCC Main Fractionator Case Study 4 ? comprehensive A&V unit revamp Case Study 5 ? FCC Deisobutanizer Case Study 6 ? A&V unit