Multipass and Single-Pass Trays: New Ways of Overcoming Challenges

Kister, H. Z., Fluor Corporation
Pritchett, M. D., Consultant

We cannot recall such high interest in multi-pass trays as shown in this session of our 6-session Distillation 2009 Topical Conference. As towers get bigger liquid loads increase, multi-pass trays become commonplace, and so are the issues of correctly splitting the liquid and vapor flows to the non-symmetrical passes. A poor split can cost dearly in capacity and separation, as will be demonstrated by our papers, together with good practices and techniques that have successfully prevented poor splits. “Weir loads”, often used to define tray liquid traffic and central to capacity calculations and use of multi-pass trays, and utilization of low weir loads to improve absorber selectivity, are exciting topics that will be featured. Last but not least, a couple of heart-warming success stories with some of the modern high-capacity trays in challenging applications.



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