Improved Design and Operation in Refinery Distillation

Kister, H. Z., Fluor Corporation
Pritchett, M. D., Consultant

This refinery distillation session of our 6-session Distillation 2009 Topical Conference addresses key issues mounting as refiners process more spot-market heavier crudes, with high acid and impurities, and at the same time aim to produce cleaner fuels. Learning from experiences on how to deal with the associated corrosion and foaming problems is featured by down-to-earth papers. Collector design can make or break a fractionator, as will be demonstrated by two hard-earned lessons from “war stories”. Entrainment minimization by correct modeling and inlet devices is central to maximizing gas oil recovery and run length in vacuum towers, and these topics will be highlighted. Last but not least… successful operation of a sprays-only (no packings!) in key sections of a vacuum tower: is that the beginning of a new era?



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