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Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage - I


Plasynski, S., U.S. Department of Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory

One very promising approach to reducing CO2 emissions is CO2 capture and sequestration (CCS). CO2 can be captured from a variety of anthropogenic sources, such as power plants and industrial operations, and sequestered in a variety of geologic sites, including depleted oil and gas fields, where there are many opportunities to combine CO2 capture and storage with enhanced oil and gas recovery, deep saline aquifers, and unminable coal seams, which offer the opportunity for simultaneous methane recovery. If the promise of CCS is to come to fruition, costs will have to be reduced, and a better understanding of all aspects of the sequestration operation will have to be developed. This session will concentrate on new or improved methods of CO2 capture from advanced power systems and large industrial plants that can significantly reduce CO2 capture costs and associated energy requirements. Separations involving both gas phase and liquid phase operations, as well as hybrid processes such as adsorption/membrane systems, will be included. This session will deal not only with the capture of CO2 from flue gas and other streams, but also with the behavior and interactions of CO2 after it has been injected into a geologic formation.



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