(41b) The Next Generation Approach to Operational Discipline at Dupont | AIChE

(41b) The Next Generation Approach to Operational Discipline at Dupont


The purpose of this paper is to review the development and implementation of a next generation approach to improving operational discipline programs at DuPont, in order to help sustain high levels of process safety management performance. DuPont defines operational discipline as a deeply rooted dedication and commitment by each member of the organization to carry out each task, the right way, each time. Eleven organizational characteristics are currently used to help evaluate and drive continuous improvement of operational discipline. Ultimately, though, it is individuals who do the day-to-day work required by PSM systems, and it is these actions that help determine if the organization is able to operate with high levels of operational discipline. With this in mind, DuPont's program has been revised to include a new emphasis on individual characteristics of operational discipline, based on knowledge, commitment, and awareness. Discussion will include why operational discipline is important, how operational discipline can be characterized for both organizations and individuals, and how the revised program is being implemented.