(70ax) A Finite Element Study of the Time Dependent 3-D Axisymmetric Sessile Droplet Evaporation Dynamics: the Fluid Flow Application for Particles Deposition

Widjaja, E., Purdue University
Harris, M. T., Purdue University

Sessile droplet evaporation is a common method found in inkjet printing and coating studies. For example, the evaporation of droplets of colloidal suspension printed or coated on a solid substrate is utilized in order to obtain consistent multiple arrays of nanoparticles or bioparticles. Research is needed to understand the influence of the fluid dynamics inside the droplet during evaporation on the distribution of the deposited particles. In this study Galerkin/Finite Element Method (G/FEM) has been used to solve simultaneously the evaporation flux, the fluid dynamics inside the sessile droplet during drying and the particle concentration distribution on the substrate.