(42d) Particle-Impact Sensor for Determining Mass Flux in a Spouted Bed

Finney, C. E. A., Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Bruns, D. D., University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Zhou, J., University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Pannala, S., Oak Ridge National Laboratories
Daw, S. C., Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Lipkowitz, J. M., University of Tennessee, Knoxville

We describe the development of an accelerometer-based sensor to measure the mass flux of particles in the upper spout and fountain of a spouted bed. This sensor employs an impact probe aligned vertically along the axis of the bed, and the probe is precisely positioned with three-axis control into the spout and fountain. The accelerometer is mounted atop the probe and measures impacts from particles moving upwards. The sensor was developed to validate a CFD simulation of the system, and we illustrate how these comparisons are made. In some cases, a sensor such as this meets the need of obtaining particle fluxes with very little intrusion into the bed and in cases in which optical access is obscured (e.g., inside a furnace during the pyrolysis of acetylene for particle coating). This sensor is limited to the spout region and differs from horizontal, wall-mounted probes that have been developed for various purposes. We also discuss issues such as signal-processing and measurement requirements as well as efforts to obtain solids velocity profiles within the spout.