(128f) Optimization of Amins Mixture `S Formulation by Neural Networks in Gas Sweeting

Farasat, I., Sharif University of Technology
Samipoor giri, M., Tehran University
Shariati Niasar, M., Tehran University

Generally natural gas has impurities such as H2S and CO2 (known as acid gases) that causes many problems. Different methods are used for removal of these impurities.The common method is absorption of the acid gases by amine solutions. One amine, can not absorb both acid gases preferentially. By using amine mixtures, absorption of acid gases from natural gas is possible and more adequate.But because of the complexity of absorption and reaction equations, general mathematical methods can not solve the partial differential equations. That is due to several unknowns parameters By using Neural Network method one can overcome these problems and the solution of unknowns parameters becomes possible, by a more simple method respect to similar methods. By using of Neural Network method the formulaes of amine mixture can be optimized. Neural Network has the capability of solving, nonlinear equations.