(11b) Capturing Non-Brownian Particle Transport in Simple Periodic Flows | AIChE

(11b) Capturing Non-Brownian Particle Transport in Simple Periodic Flows


Abatan, A. A. - Presenter, University of Pittsburgh
McCarthy, J. J. - Presenter, University of Pittsburgh

We use a perturbed streamfunction to analyze a dilute suspension of slightly non-neutrally buoyant solid spheres as they migrate across the curved fluid streamlines of a viscous cellular flow. This is done by incorporating particle-fluid interactions into a continuum-based Lagrangian advection model derived from the Basset-Boussinesq-Oseen (BBO) equation. The results demonstrate significant interplay between the underlying fluid structure and non-trivial equilibrium locations of the non-Brownian particles. We also evaluate the effect of the Saffman lift force on the lateral migration of the solid spheres.


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