Surface Engineered and Responsive Membranes

Asatekin, A., Tufts University
Foster, D., The University of Akron
Wickramasinghe, R., University of Arkansas

This session focuses on membranes that change their properties in response to external stimuli, such as pH, ionic strength, temperature, light, magnetic or electric signals, or the presence of specific molecules and the engineering and modification of membrane surfaces to improve membrane performance. The response of these membranes be used to improve membrane performance or introduce additional functionality in various ways, including but not limited to tunable pore size, on/off modulation of permeability, fouling resistance, and self-cleaning capabilities. Improvements may include but are not limited to enhanced permselectivity, fouling mitigation, durability in hostile environments, and robustness. Papers are encouraged that explore surface modification via thermal, chemical or radiative treatments, grafting, the use of polymer brushes, chemical or physical vapor deposition, or the introduction of micro- or nanoparticles. We welcome contributions that explore membranes that combine additional functionalities with separation and/or use biomimetic or bio-inspired approaches to imparting responsive behavior and contributions based on biomimetic surface engineering and bio-inspired surface modification.



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