Particle Engineering and Design for Product Value Enhancement | AIChE

Particle Engineering and Design for Product Value Enhancement


Bilgili, E., New Jersey Institute of Technology


Pawar, P., Glaxosmithkline

This session seeks papers whose scope is within the broadly defined area of Particle Engineering as applied in various industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, agrochemicals, cosmetics, etc. Various active agents or key functional ingredients are designed into particulate products in such a way to achieve controllable, reproducible, and effective functional responses in terms of product performance. These functional responses greatly depend on the dosage form and the way active agents and inert/excipient particles are integrated into the superstructure of the product. Particle engineering offers tools and methodologies, both experimental and numerical, to design the structure of particles so that the desired responses of the active agents are enhanced significantly in the dosage form. Particles and their surfaces can be designed and tailored in many different processes via different formulation approaches. Novel formulations, the manufacturing processes that yield engineered particles, and scientific approaches related to particle formation are of interest to this session. Papers can be experimental in nature, while fundamental theoretical or modeling works (e.g. based on DEM, FEM, CFD, or any combination in a multi-scale fashion) providing insight into the formation and behavior of the particles in the dosage form are also welcome.



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