(532f) Layer Resolved CFD Modelling of Coated Catalyst Systems Model Validation

Stitt, E. H., Johnson Matthey
Liu, L., Johnson Matthey
Wilkinson, S., Process Systems Enterprise
Gallen, R., Johnson Matthey
York, A. P. E., Matthey
Professor Dixon has pioneered the CFD-based modelling of packed tubular reactors, with the individual pellets resolved. The modelling has developed from “simple” flow and heat transfer, to include modeling of diffusion and reaction within the pellets. This work has been punctuated with validation of not only the overall model outputs but also of specific sub-models, assumptions and closures. This presentation will present the application of the same basic diffusion and reaction modelling principles to coated, structured catalyst, such as through flow and filter substrates for automobile emission catalysts and demonstrate validation for flow and conversion against experimental data.