(380z) Numerical Modeling of Wet Granulation Processes | AIChE

(380z) Numerical Modeling of Wet Granulation Processes


Baba, T. - Presenter, Osaka Prefecture University Graduate School
Nakamura, H., Osaka Prefecture University
Ohsaki, S., Osaka Prefecture University
Watano, S., Osaka Prefecture University
Granulation is an important powder handling process to produce granules from fine powder. Due to many operating parameters, a number of trial-and-error tests are required for a granulation process, and this is a bottleneck for design, optimization and scale-up. Modeling of granulation is expected for design of a granulation process. Discrete element method (DEM) and population balance model (PBM) are widely used for the numerical modeling. DEM is a simulation method to calculate the powder flow in the granulator. However, DEM does not account for particle aggregation. On the other hand, PBM is a process modeling framework for tracking changes in particle properties over time. However, PBM does not consider the powder flow in the granulator. In recent years, a coupling approach between DEM and PBM (DEM-PBM model) has been proposed. DEM-PBM model is able to calculate both of the powder flow and the particle growth. However, more efforts are required to develop an accurate coalescence kernel for DEM-PBM model. In this study, DEM-PBM model including a novel coalescence kernel for granulation process was proposed. As a result, the model was able to predict the experimental result.