(348e) Modeling Segregation of Polydisperse Granular Materials in Hopper Discharge Flow

Deng, Z., Northwestern University
Fan, Y., The Dow Chemical Company
Theuerkauf, J., The Dow Chemical Co.
Jacob, K., The Dow Chemical Company
Umbanhowar, P. B., Northwestern University
Ottino, J. M., Northwestern University
Lueptow, R. M., Northwestern University
Predicting mixing and segregation of polydisperse granular materials in hopper discharge flow is of potentially wide application in bulk solids handling across many industries. However, because of the limited understanding of polydisperse segregation and the complexity of flow kinematics during hopper discharge, only marginal progress has been made in modelling the segregation of polydisperse granular materials in hopper flow. In this research, we used a modified transport equation that captures the effects of advection, diffusion, and segregation to model material transport and polydisperse segregation in quasi-two dimensional hopper flow. Coupled with an accurate hopper filling model which provides the initial condition for the hopper discharge process, the model accurately predicts polydisperse segregation during hopper discharge. Quantitative agreement of continuum model predictions with DEM simulation and experiment over a range of hopper geometries and particle size distributions validates our modeling approach. The research is funded by The Dow Chemical Company and NSF Grant #CBET-1511450.