(538a) Invited: Quasi-Two-Dimensional Materials: Synthetic Challenges and Structure-Tunable Properties

Panthani, M. G. - Presenter, Iowa State University
Nelson, R. D., Iowa State University
Hadi, A., Iowa State University
Ramesh, U., UIUC
Wang, Y., Iowa State University
The unique properties of graphene and other monolayer materials for electronics has motivated the search for other 2D electronic and photonic materials. In this talk I will discuss recent our progress related to that can be classified as “quasi”-two-dimensional; they are more than one atom thick, but they exhibit a high degree of confinement in one dimension. The talk will cover our recent progress related to the synthesis and optical properties two model materials: (1) quasi-2D halide perovskites and (2) ligand-passivated Group IV monolayers. We demonstrate that thin films and crystals of quasi-2D halide perovskites can be constructed with high phase purity through controlled crystallization. These materials exhibit new and interesting optical properties. In the case of quasi-2D Group IV materials, we find that the optical properties are strongly dependent on surface chemistry, and we use density functional theory to explain the effects of surface chemistry on the materials’ band structure. We fabricate proof-of-concept optoelectronic devices, demonstrating their potential for optoelectronic applications.