(414b) Modeling Granular Material Segregation Using a Finite Element Method and Advection-Diffusion-Segregation Equation Multi-Scale Model

Liu, Y. - Presenter, Purdue University
Gonzalez, M., Purdue University
Wassgren, C., Purdue University
A multi-scale model is presented for predicting the magnitude and rate of segregation of a binary mixture of particles in a rotating drum and conical hopper. The model combines diffusion and segregation correlations from the literature with advective flow field information from finite element method simulations. Predictions of the segregation rate from the multi-scale model compare well quantitatively to published DEM simulation results and experimental data. A standard method is introduced to calibrate the diffusion and segregation correlations for different materials. The multi-scale model, since it does not directly model individual particles, is expected to scale well to systems of industrial interest.