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(372a) An Interactive Tool for Learning Spreadsheets


Liberatore, M. - Presenter, University of Toledo
Roach, K., University of Toledo
Spreadsheet training can be found at many, many websites for at little or no cost, however, almost all tools are demonstrative, i.e., showing the student how to use a certain version of a specific spreadsheet program. While spreadsheets are very important to many jobs that a chemical engineer performs, spreadsheets have become a commodity, which is analogous to filling up at any brand’s gas stations to keep a gas running. Whether using Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or Apple Numbers on a computer, tablet, or mobile device, the basic functions of spreadsheets holds for all. Using an interactive textbook from zyBooks provides a technology to actively learn how to create and use a spreadsheet. Common formulas, functions, and features of spreadsheets can be presented, interacted with inside the interactive textbook while translating to the learner’s preferred spreadsheet program. Animations and question sets streamline blocks of text or static screenshots used in other textbooks or websites. Learner interactions are recorded, so instructors can award participation and homework grades. Concepts covered include: formulas, functions, charts, trendlines, solver, error, statistics, interpolation, and more. Over 100 auto-graded homework problems with randomized numbers and content are being used by students during Spring 2018. Results from tens of thousands of student interactions from a single cohort of student preliminary show a high reading rate (90%) and success on auto-graded homework problems (87%). This work will build upon work presented at the 2018 ASEE Annual Meeting.