(221a) A Curriculum-Wide Strategy for Student Teaming Skills Development in Engineering | AIChE

(221a) A Curriculum-Wide Strategy for Student Teaming Skills Development in Engineering


Koretsky, M. - Presenter, Oregon State University
Mallette, N. - Presenter, Oregon State University
Kelly, C., Oregon State University
Bothwell, M., Oregon State University
Teamwork is an essential component of successful engineering work and often includes teaming with members of different disciplines and professions. Several senior-level instruction and activities on team skills were piloted in a School that houses Chemical Engineering, Bioengineering and Environmental Engineering programs. The end goal is to evaluate and improve activities for a curriculum-wide teaming skill development strategy for ongoing work to revolutionize the undergraduate learning environment. Optimally, our strategy provided students with a structure conducive to practicing inclusive teaming along with guidance and training to improve their skills. The teaming instruction and activities were delivered in lab, studio and design courses to at least 185 students of all three disciplines. Students were provided the opportunity to reflect on the effectiveness of the instructions and activities, and make suggestions based on their team experience. A focus on conflict resolution strategies was undertaken, and the students reported that learning about conflict types and resolution emphasized to them the need for teamwork skills. At the completion of the year, the framework for a curricular wide teaming skills strategy was presented to students, and their feedback solicited. The quantitative and qualitative results from student feedback on piloted activities will be reported. A framework for curriculum-wide development of teaming skills will be presented, as well as assessment approaches for individual team skills in large course formats. Lessons learned will be shared to show successes and areas of improvement for student teamwork skill development.