(160f) Insights into Catalytic Oxidation and Reduction Reactions at Metal/Solution Interfaces

Neurock, M. - Presenter, University of Minnesota
Chemburkar, A., University of Minnesota
Catalytic oxidation and reduction reactions are integral for the sustainable production of fuels, chemicals and clean water. The presence of protic solvents and the solution phase can significantly influence the catalytic activity and selectivity in metal catalyzed reduction and oxidation systems by stabilizing polar transition states. Such solvents can also directly participate in catalysis by facilitating proton and electron transfer reactions. Such reactions are pervasive throughout enzymatic, homogeneous and electrocatalysis. Much can be learned by comparing these different catalytic systems. Herein we explore the selective catalytic oxidation of alcohols to form acids and esters as well as the selective reduction of oxygen to form hydrogen peroxide and water and show the direct analogies to electrocatalytic reaction systems.