Advances in Protein Expression, Post-Translational Modification and Biomanufacturing

Melvin, A., Louisiana State University
Wu, K., University of New Hampshire

This session will highlight advances in protein expression coupled with post-translational protein modification in a wide variety of model and non-model platforms including bacteria, yeast, insect, mammalian, and plant cells as well as cell-free expression systems. Potential topics include but are not limited to glycosylation, lipidation, phosphorylation, nitrosylation, proteolysis, synthesis of spatially organized or scaffolded protein complexes, studies of protein biogenesis, protein folding, and the design of novel methods for protein display, editing and secretion, as well as advances in chemical biology that take advantage of post-translational modification techniques. Presentations that focus on both natural and unnatural post-translational processes that enable enhanced function, stability, or specificity of the protein of interest are particularly welcome. Biomanufacturing has been playing an increasingly important role in pharmaceutical industry worldwide. This session also welcomes oral presentation proposals from government, academia and industry to 1) discuss the challenges and drivers of biomanufacturing in upstream and downstream for drug substance, and drug product processing; 2) identify the major scientific, technological, operational, and regulatory barriers in the biopharmaceutical industry; and 3) define a collaborative work space for companies, academia and regulatory authorities.



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