(739d) Binary Adsorption of CO2 and Water on Uio-66 MOF | AIChE

(739d) Binary Adsorption of CO2 and Water on Uio-66 MOF


Cunningham, J., University of South Alabama
Hossain, M. I., University of South Alabama
Becker, T., Delft University of Technology
Rabideau, B. D., University of South Alabama
Metal organic frameworks are frequently examined as potential solutions to complex gas phase separations problems. In many cases, the gas phase adsorption properties of these materials are quantified using single component gas adsorption isotherms and breakthrough experiments. In adsorption separations, however, it is common that the adsorbent participates in a multicomponent adsorption event. In the literature there is a general absence of multicomponent adsorption data with most data predicted via the ideal adsorbed solution theory or molecular simulations. Therefore, in this work, binary adsorption data of CO2 and water on UiO-66 were measured experimentally using a volumetric method at three different temperatures and at three different water loadings. Molecular simulations and ideal adsorbed solution theory calculations were also completed and the results of the simulations and the experiments were compared. The data in this work can be used to examine the applicability of the ideal adsorbed solution theory to metal organic frameworks and can be used to validate molecular simulations of binary adsorption events.