(700d) Calibration-Free Methods for GC Quantification of Bio-Derived Chemicals

Spanjers, C. S. - Presenter, University of Minnesota
Identification and quantification of bioproducts can be the most time-consuming aspect in developing new bio-based technologies and materials. This is because quantitative analyses with gas chromatography typically contain many steps including identification with a mass spectrometer (MS), preparation of calibration standards (if commercially available), analyzing samples of interest, and applying the calibration results to determine analyte concentration. In this talk, I discuss the application of the Polyarc® system, which is a device that catalytically converts organic compounds to methane at the exit of a GC column and prior to detection in a flame ionization detector (FID), to the analysis of bio-derived chemicals including isoprene, butadiene, 2-methyl-1,4-butanediol, and others. Because every organic compound is converted to methane, the detector response-per-carbon atom is equivalent for all carbon-containing molecules. Thus, quantitative information can be obtained with a single internal or external standard without the need for calibration. When paired with an MS, the Polyarc® system allows for simultaneous compound identification and quantification with a single injection. Implementation of the method allows for time savings and more accurate results by eliminating the need to prepare and analyze multiple calibration standards.


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