(588f) Programming the Dynamics of Active Colloids in 3D | AIChE

(588f) Programming the Dynamics of Active Colloids in 3D


Bharti, B. - Presenter, Louisiana State University
Lee, J., Louisiana State University
Directing particle-motion at low Reynolds number is the key to engineer future biomimetic active materials. Presently used methods of introducing active motion in colloids lack in directional control over their non-linear migration, and preprograming the particle-trajectory is a scientific challenge. Here we study the spatial propagation of metallodielectric patchy microspheres by Induced Charge Electrophoresis (ICEP) in the presence of AC-electric field. Application of the high frequency electric field to a patchy colloidal dispersions leads to a local force imbalance around the particle, resulting into its direction motion. The surface-force imbalance and torque acting on the particle determines the motion of particle in 3D space. Here we demonstrate that the particle’s velocity, and its 3D trajectory can be programed by engineering the patch size and shape. We show that by introducing chirality into the surface patch of the particle, we can program the motion of individual particle into helices of desired handedness. Our approach introduces a new method of engineering the motion of microparticles in three dimensional space, which could lead to the development of advanced micromotors and miniature robots.