(41d) Tailored CeO2 Supported Ni-Based Catalysts Prepared By Solution Combustion Synthesis for Hydrogen Generation from Hydrous Hydrazine

Kang, W., Davidson School of Chemical Engineering
Varma, A., Purdue University
Hydrous hydrazine is a promising hydrogen carrier due to its high hydrogen content (8.0 wt.% for hydrazine monohydrate) and benign byproduct (only nitrogen) via complete decomposition. For its practical use, the development of cost-effective catalysts with high activity and 100% selectivity for hydrogen generation under mild conditions is required and is a significant challenge. In this work, CeO2-supported non-noble metal containing Ni-based catalysts were prepared by solution combustion synthesis (SCS), varying the synthesis parameters in terms of ratio of metal oxidizers, fuel type and fuel-to-oxidizer ratio. The prepared catalysts were characterized and tested to understand the effects of the synthesis parameters on the SCS process and their correlation with the physical and catalytic properties. The experimental results demonstrate that the tailored catalyst exhibits high activity and 100% H2 selectivity under PEM fuel cell conditions for vehicle applications.