(418b) Preparation of Hazardous “on-Demand” Reagents Using Continuous Processing

Rothstein, S., Nalas Engineering Services Inc.
Salan, J. S., Nalas Engineering Services Inc.
am Ende, D., Nalas Engineering Services, Inc.
Jorgensen, M., Nalas Engineering Services Inc.
Rosensohn, T., Nalas Engineering
Hazardous and unstable reagents are often forgone for use during manufacturing due to storage and safety concerns. These reagent are often replaced with more expensive alternatives. Continuous processing allows for the preparation of hazardous and/or unstable reagents that can be used directly in the production of pharmaceuticals. This talk will focus on using the Corning ® Advanced Flow Reactor™ (AFR) for the continuous preparation and use of several hazardous and unstable reagents.