(345f) Oriented Growth of Mg2(dobpdc) on Honey-Comb Monolith for CO2 Capture

Darunte, L. A. - Presenter, Georgia Institute of Techology
Walton, K. S., Georgia Institute of Technology
Sholl, D. S., Georgia Institute of Technology
Jones, C. W., Georgia Institute of Technology
Metal organic framework (MOF) supported amine materials are a class of materials that have shown promising performance for CO2 capture. In the present talk, we will consider Mg2(dobpdc) & Mn2(dobpdc) MOFs functionalized with N-N’ dimethyl ethylene diamine (MMEN) for CO2 capture. These adsorbents have previously shown exceptional equilibrium capacities for CO2 capture. They will be discussed here in the context of their stability under humid conditions. Also, different approaches for practical applications of Mg2(dobpdc) using honeycomb monolith supports will be presented. The uniformity of the MOF film on the monolith channels, as well as the mechanical and thermal stability of the film are some of the key parameters in the development of MOFs on monolith supports. Using our optimized approach, we demonstrate a highly effective, oriented and robust film for CO2 capture. The adsorbent film shows higher capacities for CO2 capture than most other MOF based adsorbent films on monoliths for simulated flue gas capture. Finally, a practical process using MOF films coated on monolith contactors, as well as the kinetics of CO2 capture are briefly discussed.