(321b) AIChE Engage: Your Next Stop for Brainstorming in the Process of Problem Solving or Innovating | AIChE

(321b) AIChE Engage: Your Next Stop for Brainstorming in the Process of Problem Solving or Innovating


Cai, T. - Presenter, Lamar University
Being an AIChE member provides you the opportunity to easily connect and build relationships with other chemical engineers in the world even if you don’t have the time or ability to meet them in person. The newest benefit of membership, AIChE Engage, makes doing this even easier and more interactive than before. AIChE Engage will be your next stop for brainstorming in the process of problem solving or innovating. You can get two benefits through AIChE Engage:

 1.There is an extensive search engine which enables you to find other members by their names, companies, geographic locations, job functions and industries. There are also focused AIChE member directories of Fellows, Professionals, Young Professionals, Graduate Students, Undergraduate Students and members of the divisions, forums and committees. After you’ve found the members you are looking for, you can send them an invitation to communicate via Engage or through another channel.

2.Perhaps the new feature of Engage that you will find most exciting is Engage Discussion Central. Professional members now have the opportunity to post and participate in discussions with colleagues all over the world on topics related to chemical engineering. Seeing the discussions is easy as they are sent directly to your e-mail address in a daily digest.

Therefore, AIChE Engage has become and will be a mobile-friendly platform for the global collaboration with your fellow members to get academic and professional accomplishments, career achievements and other distinguishing industrial breakthrough. This presentation will provide you the introduction on how to apply the methodology of TRIZ problem solving and strategic planning process with AIChE Engage.