(311a) Prediction of Bulk Solid Properties of Formulations | AIChE

(311a) Prediction of Bulk Solid Properties of Formulations


Kodam, M. - Presenter, The Dow Chemical Company
Jacob, K., The Dow Chemical Company
Curtis-Fisk, J., The Dow Chemical Co
Balwinski, K., The Dow Chemical Co.
Horton, A., The Dow Chemical Company
Zink, M., The Dow Chemical Company
Bulk solids flowability is important for pharmaceutical oral dosage formulations manufacturing. The ability to predict the performance of a formulation apriori can be a huge benefit for the industry in optimizing the formulation. This study presents some of the techniques developed to predict the bulk solid properties of the formulations based on the individual components. Several methods to evaluate the flowability of the formulations are also presented and compared in this work. Some of these include particle size distributions, bulk density, compressibility and permeability and hopper design. These techniques are used to present the comparison of flowability of various formulations with the traditional METHOCELâ„¢ CR and the recently developed METHOCELâ„¢ DC2.