(277g) Segmented Continuous Crystallization Process Optimization | AIChE

(277g) Segmented Continuous Crystallization Process Optimization


Su, M. - Presenter, Hebei University of Technology
Gao, Y., Hebei University of Technology
The continuous crystallization behavior of glycine in segmented tubular crystallizer has been investigated. The factors of liquid slug length and shape, Reynolds number, suspension density and arrangement were investigated respectively on the crystal growth rate, size distribution and morphology. The results found that the slug being closer to a sphere both in length and shape is the best compared to the other slug geometries, in which mixing within each stable self-circulating slug is maximized, thus the crystal growth rate is faster and the particle size distribution is more uniform. Besides, Higher Reynolds number improves the growth rate and uniform size distribution at the same residence time. The mass fraction of seed crystals at 2% was also determined to be the optimal condition. The arrangement of the tube in vertical and horizontal direction has little influence on the final yield and crystal characteristics. These results provide an insight into the segmented tubular continuous crystallization.