(221c) Session Keynote: Utilizing Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Electrolyzers as a Robust Platform for Emerging Electrochemical Technologies

Renner, J. N., Case Western Reserve University
Gellett, W., Proton OnSite
Greenlee, L. F., University of Arkansas
Minteer, S. D., The University of Utah
Ayers, K., Proton OnSite
Proton OnSite, a world-leader in hydrogen gas solutions, manufactures proton exchange membrane (PEM)-based electrolyzers which use pure water and electricity to generate hydrogen and oxygen gas. PEM-electrolysis is highly scalable from watts to megawatts, is reliable and durable with low maintenance requirements. This technology can be easily integrated with renewable energy, making hydrogen generation emission-free. This technology is rapidly gaining international interest for energy storage applications due to the flexibility and deployability it provides. Key advantages include the ability to interconnect various infrastructures such as renewable electricity, transportation, and biogas upgrading, as well as the ability to address very long timescales, such as seasonal variations in solar intensity.

Solid membrane systems for hydrogen generation are well established commercially, and serve as an excellent basis for emerging electrochemical technologies. Proton OnSite has flexed their already existing platforms, as well as their extensive stack design and system expertise to develop exciting new ways to utilize and harness energy. They have successfully worked with many partners in academia and industry to advance materials and systems in the areas of electrochemical ammonia generation, microbial fuel cells for water remediation, electrochemical pumping and flow battery technology. With further development, a variety of electrochemical solutions could create an incredibly efficient and low-polluting energy landscape.