(196w) Layer-By-Layer Coated Microneedle Arrays for Staged Multi-Agent Immune Attack on Melanoma

He, Y., MIT
Li, J., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
He, H., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Hong, C., MIT
Wang, S., MIT
This work aims to develop a new, facile, and rapidly applied melanoma treatment for post-surgery melanoma patients to prolong or preserve their lives. Micro-scale needle arrays will be used as the drug delivery platform, for a highly controlled transcutaneous delivery of cancer vaccines. Layer-by-layer polyelectrolyte assembly will be used to generate the drug releasing thin film coatings on microneedles.

A microneedle platform for effective gene delivery is designed, with an effective release polymer that assists LbL film construction and implantation upon application in the skin. The DNA and/or RNA therapeutic cargos will be engineered with functional proteins and polymer scaffolds to enhance expression. This application seeks to achieve a staged release of melanoma cancer vaccines in order to activate a robust immune response; through direct insertion of microneedles into the dermis at or near the melanoma tumor site, a combination of tumor antigen present at the site and encapsulated nucleic acid encoding for tumor antigens can be released, with co-delivery of adjuvants that upregulate dendritic cell antigen uptake ability and antibodies that block tumor immunosuppression.