(123c) High Resolution Lithography Via Block Copolymers and Self-Assembling Surface Neutral Layers

Trefonas, P. III, Dow Electronic Materials Company
Park, J. K., Dow Electronic Materials Co
Millward, D., Dow Electronic Materials Company
Ginzburg, V., The Dow Chemical Company
Novel materials which enable electronics manufacture helps to drive the innovation cycles underlying the Information Age. Commercial materials for fine line lithography are becoming increasingly challenging in design as the required features size shrink further, down to 10 nm size and beyond. As the pattern sizes required become smaller than the capability of existing imaging tools, block copolymers off a distinct route towards even finer feature generation through pattern frequency multiplication. We will discuss the motivation, technical approaches and results from two distinct materials approaches to block copolymer directed self-assembly (DSA): 1) Plasma etch resistant block copolymers for practical graphoepitaxy for 16 nm and smaller patterning1,2, and 2) Formation of vertical chemoepitaxy patterns through the use of high cn polymeric surface active additives3 that segregate to the top of the BCP film during casting and annealing, and balances the surface tensions at the top of the thin film.

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