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(7k) Computational Soft Matter


Glaser, J. - Presenter, University of Michigan
Research Interests:

My research aims to answer the questions: What are the molecular foundations of soft materials and how can simulations guide the design of such materials? How can we predict the assembly of novel forms of colloidal matter, based on entropy and shape? How can we design novel, biological materials from protein building blocks using simulations, and unravel the role of anisotropic shape and specificity of interaction? How can we simulate and contribute to the understanding of molecular recognition processes of proteins that are essential to the design of drugs?

I will address these questions in a vibrant research group by combining high-performance simulation on Graphics Processing Units (GPUs), theory, and coarse-grain modeling. We will perform Molecular Dynamics (MD) and Monte Carlo (MC) simulations of colloidal and biological matter, predict the assembly of proteins into aggregates and crystals, and collaborate with experimental groups on the design of protein-based materials.

Teaching Interests:

I want to convey to students the essential skills they need to participate in scientific discussion by encouraging active problem solving, presentation of research papers in small learning circles, and individual small research projects, as well as foster an inclusive learning environment. Moreover, by motivating them to arrive at solutions to problems that have multiple possible correct answers, my goal is to prepare the students for problems in research and the professional world they have not been directly prepared for. As it relates to soft matter theory, students should be able to appreciate the intellectual adventure that is science and engineering, by having a solid foundation both in classical thermodynamics as well as modern computer simulations. Ultimately, I aim to incite curiosity in the same questions that inspired the science that we teach, which I view as the best foundation for research and professional success.


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