(621e) Student-Created Youtube Videos, a Multimedia Assignment, to Foster Active Learning in a Large Engineering Classroom

Wen, F., University of Michigan
Zak, A., University of Michigan
36 groups of 4-5 junior Chemical Engineering students were challenged to create informative and captivating YouTube videos of a transport phenomenon highlighting a mass or heat transfer principle that they learned in the ChE342 classroom or beyond. This innovative ChE342 course project has not only successfully transformed boring deductive classroom teaching into social sharing of engineering principles, but also led to the creation of a YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBpw-AyX_Sw8EVsKObSiUVw) titled â??The Fun of Mass and Heat Transferâ? as a global outreach platform. Our qualitative and quantitative data have clearly demonstrated the effectiveness and statistically significant impact of this teaching innovation on student learning (Fei Wen and Eshita Khera, Chemical Engineering Education, in press). While still under construction, the YouTube channel already has viewers from 68 countries around the world including US, UK, Mexico, India, Israel, Brazil and South Africa. The YouTube channel also has subscribers who are STEM educators interested in replicating the video contents in their own high school classrooms. This innovation has recently been awarded the Provost's Teaching Innovation Prize at the University of Michigan and spurred great interest among faculty to replicate this project in other engineering courses. Taken together, the Student-created YouTube Video represents an effective, scalable and sustainable teaching innovation, which is making a broad impact on engaging students in the learning process, enhancing their ability to communicate, collaborate, innovate and take risks, as well as worldwide outreach.