(546c) Dissolution, Separation and Conversion of Biomass with Ionic Liquids

Zhang, S., Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Dissolution, separation and conversion of biomass with ionic liquids


Suojiang Zhang

Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 10080, China

E-mail: sjzhang@ipe.ac.cn


With the growing pressure on resource depletion and environment degradation, the development of green processes for productions of renewable energy and chemicals are highly required. Recently, we mainly focus on insights into green processes on dissolution, separation and conversion of biomass based on ionic liquids (ILs) and several the latest green processes are developed by using ILs. A two-step ionic liquids method for cornstalk pretreatment was developed and its detailed micro mechanisms were studied. After the pretreatment, the crystalline structure of cellulose was altered, amorphous cellulose was obtained, most of lignin was removed and cellulose content was increased substantially. Moreover, conversion of biomass-derived γ-valerolactone into high quality gasoline was achieved by decarboxylation of valerolactone to produce butenes and alkylation of the produced butenes with butane using functional ionic liquid as an efficient catalyst. The obtained gasoline was rich in trimethylpentane with a high research octane number of 95.4. However, the challenges are still great for developing industrial scale processes of dissolution and conversion with ionic liquids. More systematic work should be carried out deeply and broadly in the future.


This work was supported by International S&T Cooperation Program of China (2014DFA61670), External Cooperation Program of BIC, Chinese Academy of Sciences (GJHZ201306), National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 21276260, 21576269, 21476245, 21406230).


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