(448aa) Computational Modeling of Large Aspect Ratio, Fibrous Particles

Guo, Y. - Presenter, Zhejiang University
Wassgren, C. R., Purdue University
Curtis, J. S., UC Davis
In this poster, we present a computational study of mechanical behavior of fibrous particles. A bonded sphero-cylinder chain method is developed for the modeling of large aspect ratio, flexible fibers. This flexible fiber model is verified by examining a single fiberâ??s deformations (i.e., bending, twisting, and stretching) subject to external loads. The simulation results of the single fiberâ??s mechanical responses are in good agreement with the analytical solutions. To validate the numerical method for the modeling of a collection of fibrous particles with strong particle-particle interactions, the stress-controlled shear flows of fibers are simulated using the developed method, and the yield shear stresses obtained from the simulations are compared with those measured from the Schulze shear cell experiments.