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(373b) Developing and Piloting Robust Downstream Processes to Utilize Variable Composition and Blended Biomass Feedstocks

Pray, T., Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Biomass variability can play a key role in end-product quality and downstream conversion process performance and economics. This is a key challenge to the biofuel and bio-based chemical industries in light of the differences in composition and even the identify and utility of biomass crops and residues in different seasons and geographic regions across the US. The Advanced Biofuels [and Bioproducts] Process Demonstration Unit (ABPDU) at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory is working with several National Lab and industrial partners to address these issues. Bench-scale and pre-pilot prototyping of biomass conversion and upgrading processes will be presented using case studies from collaborative projects with the Idaho and Sandia National Laboratories focused on advanced biofuel and chemical product production processes. In addition, results from industrial collaborations and sponsored research at the ABPDU will be used to highlight the importance of robust and semi-universal processes for the conversion of a diverse set of feedstreams to fuels and other bio-based products. The learnings from these bench- and pilot studies will inform larger scale IBR demonstrations focused on multiple feedstocks.