(234j) Insights on Life Cycle Assesment of Ionic Liquid Based CO2 Capture Processes

Karunanithi, A. T., University of Colorado Denver
Farahipour, R., University of Colorado Denver
Chernomordik, T., University of Colorado Denver
Dilmuart, K., University of Colorado Denver
Zhang, X., Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences
We present results related to environmental life cycle assessment (LCA) of Ionic Liquid-MEA solution based CO2 capture process. Using a combination of process siumlation data and process life cycle assessment method we analyze three scenarios comparing two different variations of Ionic Liquid-MEA CO2 capture with the base case of aqueous MEA. Useful insights gained through this study will be presented in the context of LCA considerations during process design and optimization. Further, using the results, the utility and importance of performing LCA analysis during the design and devlopment stage of emerging technolgies will be emphasized.